Issue 11 : Traffic Jam, Mindmaps, this and that

TRAFFIC JAM: Things we all learned this week - Ships can get stuck, blocking the canal, and create a traffic jam costing ‘us’ around 59 billion dollars! And that too on something like Suez Canal. Woah. (Also, there are live ship-tracking websites, like those for flights!)

TECH: Here is Coolify, an open-source alt to Heroku/Netlify. Do check when you are building your next project!

FINANCE: April 1st is here; it’s time to plan ‘finance’! As usual, I plan to track my expenses and track all my investments (LOL!). I am using a Google spreadsheet for tracking expenses and IND Money for later.

DRUM MACHINE: This website lets you ‘pick’ everyday sounds and generate beats out of them! The idea, execution, result, and sound library are fantastic, that you might end up creating your next white-noise! Google Creative Labs created it as part of their AI experiments.

COLOR: Looking for a simple color scheme? If you want to skin your daily apps — from code editor to slack to the terminal to the same color scheme, try Nord. It’s simple, readable, and provides a unified look.

MINDMAPS: I like mindmaps and markdowns. And the Obsidian plugin to generate mindmaps is making it' super-quick! And it supports SVG output, in case if you want to improve the design!

OTT: Dileesh Pothan’s ‘Joji,’ starting Fahad Fazil, is releasing soon via Amazon Prime, and Karikku just announced a new series via Netflix! It’s exciting to see Indian, non-Bollywood content getting a wider audience.