Issue 12: Input, Taskheat, Mindpong, this and that

TYPEFACE: Looking for a font for your coding app? Try Input — Fonts for Code. It comes with multiple widths, heights, and tons of allography; it’s a choice you won’t be disappointed about.

FUTURE: Neuralink made Pager, a monkey, play a video game, captured its brain activity, analyzed the data, and now monkey plays the game with brain signals! It looks like the future is Brain2Business and interface-less!

PRODUCTIVITY: Every thought of making a conditional to-do list? To-Do + If-Else? App named Taskheat lets you do that! It’s fancy and might work for someone who is dealing with too many options and significant clarity at the same time.

BOOK-LIST: Here is, a list of books every designer should read. To ensure that we don’t judge a book by its cover, they have come with fake book covers, similar to Van Schneider’s blog ;) [PS: The Typeset used in the website is Lyon Text.]

AUDIOSOCIAL: Clubhouse app is the trending social media of 2021; Twitter is trying to build something similar, and now, Telegram announced a better way of club housing, using Telegram groups! The best part - unlike Clubhouse and Twitter spaces, it’s not invite-only or iOS only!

FEEL-GOOD: Bhima came up with this beautiful advertisement featuring Meera Singhania. Good work, Bhima.