Issue 2: Election, Audiobooks, this and that

DESIGN: Matthew Ström published a new article, 'Copying is the way design works.' which starts with a quote from Charles Eames "We don't do 'art' — we solve problems."

DESIGN: Talking about design that solves problems, America had one more presidential election, and the conversation about 'Bad Ballot design' is back. The design is such that it creates new situations - just like the old 'Butterfly ballot.'

AUDIOBOOKS: If you have tried audiobooks or podcasts and failed, try these three tips — 1. Use the in-app timer, listen for a small duration, and repeat (Also, it’s easier to rewind), 2. Keep adding bookmarks after active listening, and 3. Always try to listen at a faster pace. Trust me; you can listen at 1.6x or 1.9x and be more connected to the content.

AUDIOBOOKS: Storytel now has 100+ Malayalam audiobooks, and for me, it was the right entertainment for this WFH 'era'. The format is not like 'someone reading a book' for you; there is an excess dose of drama while reading that reminds school-mono-act (fake accent, exaggerated tones, and overacting), but some are good. Personal favorites from Stortytel: Stories by K R Meera, Oru Police Surgeonte Ormakkurippukal, Thaskaran, Anavariyum Ponkurishum (and some other Basheer works too), Yakshi, Pandavapuram, Landanbatheriyile Luthiniyakal. (Warning: There are pronunciation issues, like 'ഫാരതം,' 'ഫാവി,' and 'കേശവൻ ണായെർ'!)

TYPE: I am not sure how many of you know Vernon Adams, but I am sure you have used the fonts he made - Oswald, Oxygen, Anton, and other 50+ open source, free to use fonts. Adam's family is now going through a challenging phase after his death and if you want to help them - here is #sansoxygen

PRODUCTIVITY: Notion just introduced a fancy Timeline view for tables (no news about API yet), and Obsidian became my new favorite app for note-taking.

GIFTS: 2021 is right around the corner, and here are some designers selling their merch. Shout out to Padmasree, who just published a calendar with her #Inktober illustrations, Annada N. Menon selling 'Chonky Animal Calander,' Joven Roy selling funny facemasks, and SoozayQ selling her fabulous artwork!

MOVIE: Soorarai Pottru is streaming on Amazon Prime. If you are in a mood to watch a well crafted Heavily fictionalised a proper Tamil mass biopic(?) movie, go for it.