Issue 22: Kannada, NFT, e-RUPI, this an that

NFT: NFT Malayali community is killing! They are growing big, doing too many events on Instagram and Clubhouse, and even getting traditional media attention! (For non-Indians, our media usually treats Crypto, Blockchain, Torrent, etc., like they are the digital versions of Bin Laden or Saddam.)

WRITING: Here is a link to a writing lecture by Larry McEnerney (University of Chicago Writing Program). It’s long, but Pablo Stanley says it’s Gold!

LANGUAGE: If you are new to Karnataka and want to learn Kannada, Kannada Gottilla Academy provides essential exposure to the Kannada language (reading and writing) through Whatsapp classes. Thanks to Munz for reminding me about this. (PS: I am NOT proud that I don’t know basic Kannada even after staying here for 6-7 years. I should join this course soon)

COLORS: Tobias has created a new Color Palette set under his new project, mymind. It’s inspiring and exciting.

E-RUPI: Heard about e-RUPI? Here is an explainer by Finshots that provides clarity on what e-RUPI is. Do read.

FACEBOOK: WSJ’s article on how Facebook sets rules and bends them for ‘elite class’ reminds a lot of Animal Farm. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.