Issue 4: Winamp, Calligraphy, Aadhar, this and that

SOFTWARE: I am not sure about the first design I did. But, I remember spending hours on multiple MS Paint files correcting alignment to set my favorite project 20 years ago - Winamp Skins, from Matrix to Taal Aishwarya Rai. And this week, I stumbled upon this official Winamp Skin Museum!  So nostalgic! (Na, I couldn't find the skins I made!)

ANIMATION: Animated Vector but as a JSON File - Woah! Lottie Animation from AirBnB is a fabulous tool for every product team, and there are many tutorials available. 

COMEDY: Citizen ID project Aadhar from India Government continues to bring comic flair to Indian scams. After Tamil Nandu announced that they lost Rs.110 Crore through 5.5Lakh ineligible candidates to PM KISAN FUNDS, Scamsters added a Pakistani spy, Bollywood Actor, and Lord Hanuman to PM Kisan funds! 

CALLIGRAPHY: Want to learn Calligraphy? thehappyevercrafter's free course is a great place to start. The videos are well defined, and practice sheets (to print and for procreate) are available. Lilo of LiloRosh suggested this course three months ago, and now I can see great calligraphy coming from her!

PROJECT: Talking about Caligraphy, have a look at Saneesh's #Kadhagraphy Project. Since last year, Saneesh is experimenting with Malayalam calligraphy by writing every sentence of Basheer's Premalekhanam in different ways! It's yet to reach climax, so do follow him to experience the excitement! ;)

ICONS: Try Phosphor Icons from Helena Zhang and Tobias Fried if you are looking for new Icons for your product design. It's an Open Source library with 600+ icons, six weights and comes as Figma Library, Figma Plugin (for Designers) and as one-liner script, React package, and Vue package (for Developers)

ANIME: Interested in the History of Japanese Animation? There is a ten-hour long online course for 50USD (with 20% off) if you are curious about Osamu Tezuka or Hayao Miyazaki.

CORRECTION: In my previous email, I mentioned Finshots as Zerodha's product. Joice pointed out that Zerodha does not own it but is funded by them. Apologies for the confusion. 

THOUGHT BLOB: "45 മിനുറ്റ് ഗൂഗിൽ ഒന്ന് ഡൗണായപ്പോഴേക്കും എത്ര മീമും കോമഡിയുമാണ്. അപ്പോൾ ആഗസ്റ്റ് മുതൽ മാർച്ച് വരെ ഇരുനൂറ്റിപതിമൂന്ന് ദിവസം നെറ്റില്ലാതായ കാശ്മീരിൽ എത്ര 'കോമഡികൾ' നടന്ന് കാണും. — ചിരിക്കുന്നില്ലേ?"
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