Issue 6: Signal, Signal, Figma, this and that

PRIVACY: User Privacy on SaaS products is something that users should be concerned about, and now it got attention due to the WhatsApp Policy Change that makes Whatsapp Yet-Another-Facebook-Messenger. Here is Anivar explaining his view on the same at Dilli Dali Malayalam Podcast. Btw, the last date to accept the new policy is February 8, 2021. Act fast!

SCAM: In the ongoing TRP scam case, a 500-page conversation between Arnab Goswami ( who also got a fine of 20,000 pounds from the UK broadcast regulator for hate speech broadcasting ) and the Former CEO of Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC), Partho Das Gupta, was allegedly leaked. Ironically enough, Partho suggests Arnab use Signal for improved security, and Arnab claims that WhatsApp is encrypted that not even WhatsApp can’t read chats!

CHAT: Signal is an excellent tool since its inception, and they are the gold-standards of Encryption. This Open Whisper Systems (now Signal) partnered with WhatsApp to build the current Whatsapp encryption. Telegram has better and efficient features than Whatsapp. They plan to start advertisements but have promised that they won't use personal data for targeted advertising. Switch and try.

STORY: Brian Acton, the co-founder of Whatsapp (with Jan Koum), co-founded the Signal Foundation. His Leaving $850 Million is a must-read article!

COMEDY: Elon Musk tweeted, "Use Signal," and the stock of Signal Advance, a random company that has nothing to do with the Signal app, surged over 1100 percent!

FIGMA: Wants to learn shortcuts and ways to improve your workflow? Watch Figma in Five. These 5-min videos share great insights and tricks that are helpful.

BOOK: I completed listening to 'A Promised Land.' the Content is surprising and not what I expected as White House stories (Thanks to the House of Cards and Designated Survivor!). The book is more human and talks from a work-life angle. The fact that it is 20 hours long shouldn't stop you; because Obama reads it.

JOURNALISM: Interested in Documentaries related to Journalism? Keen on how subscription-based publications works? Watching Pressed, a 5-part documentary series on the fight to save journalism.