Issue 7: Lists of Lists, GameStop, this and that

LIST: I Love Lists. Be it for planning, creating tasks, or setting outlines. Lists are the best! And it's good to see many systems following list based approach like Bullet Journal, Roam, and workflowy.

RESOURCES: There are many collaborative 'lists' in GitHub that work as an epic resource of many topics. My favorites would be Awesome, Ebooks, and Awesome Design System.

POLITICS: The Washington Post has come up with a fab article - that lists all 30,573 misleading claims from Trump in the last four years, categorized, timestamped, and visually curated.

HUSH: I am not a Safari user, but if you are one and if you need a cookie blocker - here is a no-nonsense one. (Works for Mac, iPhone, and iPad)

WORD OF THE WEEK: Pareidolia (noun) - The tendency in people to find patterns and images, consciously or otherwise, in random places. The most recent example would be discovering ‘the demanding image of a woman’ in the Myntra logo, says Nikhil Narayan.

STOCKS: Here is Josh Gross’s tweet thread explaining what is happening with GameStop Corp. A must-read thread, and soon to be Hollywood cinema! (Do watch The Big Short, if you haven’t)

PERSONAL: Finally,, is up and updated. At least, it's not showing 2011 content! It’s a domain I bought a decade ago when having a personal blog was cool, and planet used to define your ‘gang’! ;) Thanks to Anish for parking my domain safely for years, Vinu who helped me with content, and Melvin, for the home page illustration. The website is powered using WordPress and Semplice theme.