Issue 8: God artists, Nintendo, A11y, this and that

GOD ARTISTS: Ever wondered who draws ‘Indian God faces’ for Calendars? It seems it is some specialist’s job. Some fantastic artists do this, and some of them even share tutorials on Youtube!

LOGO: Do you know that Nintendo was formed in 1889 and had done multiple branding in its lifetime? There is a pure-punk spade-logo, back in 1950 as they started as a play card company and race-track style started only by 1970s!

FIGMA: Contrast is an excellent plugin inside Figma to test color contrast based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. It’s simple and works even with gradients and images!

FABRICATION: It’s shocking to read what happened with Rona Wilson. According to a digital forensic report shared by The Washington Post, all those anti-national evidence found from his laptop and pen drive are fabricated and planted! Read the detailed article (and explainer in Malayalam)

DESIGN: As the petrol prices continue to rise in India, making premium petrol cross Rs.100 mark, old petrol pumps face a different issue - how to display a three-digit price in the two-digit box!

CONTENT: Interested in listening to summarized history? Asianet News has a show named Vallathoru Kadha, hosted by Babu Ramachandran, which describes historic content chronologically. The narration is interesting, almost like SafariTV. I am listing a few of my favorite episodes - Goebbels, Abhaya, Tamil Politics, and Anil Ambani.

CHESS: Bored of ‘Regular’ chess, or variants like Anti-chess and Atomic-Chess. Here is a tweet thread that shares rare variations and strange rules. Have fun!

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