Issue 9: UX, Mars, Morse, this and that

UX: Want to learn UX? Gaze guide is an excellent place to start. (Maze has other Guides, too — on product discovery and usability testing). If you want to learn in-depth, be a member of the Interaction Design Foundation.

TREES: Remember Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees for searches? Whereby did the same this February, planting a million trees! Woah! 🌳🌳

TYPOGRAPHY: Try Fontjoy to generate font pairing. It supports three levels of fonts, has an auto-generate button, and you can lock already decided font to find what goes well with it. Clean!

DECODE: Who would’ve thought that the parachute that helped carry NASA’s Perseverance contained a hidden message! [Video]. Talking about hidden messages, .-- .- -. - / - --- / .-.. . .- .-. -. / -- --- .-. ... . ..--.. — try Morse Mania App, the approach of teaching is interesting.

APP: Clubhouse is the new trend. It reminds me of old Yahoo Chat Groups or podcasts with humble guests. Anyway, it’s an exciting take on social networking! Btw, If you are hosting one and need background music, try ClubPad.

FIGMA: 15-second videos on how to use Figma - from Sketch together.

MURAL: Look at the walls of Chennai Indira Nagar Railway station! That is India's largest panoramic mural titled ‘We are’, which aims to de-stigmatize the HIV and AIDS-affected community. Stunning project! 💗

PERSONAL: RT-PCR swab-test is not that hard, especially when you do it thrice in two weeks ;)