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This is Hiran Venugopalan, a Digital Product Designer from India. An explorer of internet rabbit holes is a better description that suits me. The topics keep varying but are mostly around the internet, people, art, entertainment, and design (Btw, My latest interest is functionalist architecture and data analytics.)

I always have a habit of jotting down random thoughts and ideas and using writing as a way of thinking. This got more structure as I adopted atomic and bullet journal practices. The introduction of Zettelkasten lead me to discover digital gardening and I started building my working notes, an open garage of everything I learn and understand.

This&That is an extension of my working notes, where I share interesting information I find while surfing online as bite-sized notes. Think of it as my personal del.icio.us configuration or a subtle enticement to explore newly uncovered rabbit holes!

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Hiran Venugopalan

Product and Type Designer. Maker. Contributor to Swathanthra Malayalam Computing and Kerala Designers Collaborative.