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നമസ്കാരം/Namaskaram, I’m Hiran Venugopalan, a product and type designer from India. Starting 2020 November, every two weeks, I will be sending an email that lists 5-6 micro notes on interesting things, mostly around design, business, politics, technology, productivity, people, and arts. (and updates about personal projects.)

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Why Bilingual :

Malayalam is my native language, and English is what I use for business communication. I consume content in both languages and find exciting things to share, hence sharing in those languages! (Alternative solution is to have two newsletters, but that is too much to start with!)

I can assure you that you won't be missing anything if you don't know Malayalam, as I will be adding a summary in English.

Privacy Policy :

I might share affiliate links, but I won’t do any collaborations that demand to share subscriber details.

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Hiran Venugopalan
Product and Type Designer. Maker. Contributor to Swathanthra Malayalam Computing and Kerala Designers Collaborative.