Issue 14: Conspiracy, Fact, Captcha, this and that

LONG URL: Bored of Short URLs? Here is 56As1 to make your URL the longest! This project had traction of 150k uniques on the first day - check their pubic dashboard2 to know the usage patterns!

PLAUSIBLE: The previous dashboard is powered by Plausible3. A simple, privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. It measures data without cookies or identifiers. Hence you do not need the cookie banner!

INBOX: Substack now has a reader4. They are one step closer to the "Subscription Full Stack" they are trying to build5 - a different take on what Medium6 or Ghost7 is doing!

CONSPIRACY: Watch Veritasium's video on Why we can't have nice things8. It sounds like an ultimate conspiracy theory; that makes sense.

CAPTCHA: Type v34cr5 or find all traffic lights to prove computer that you are not a computer! It turns out that there is a fab story behind captcha9, and every time you confirm you are not a computer, the computer is gaining that knowledge!10

FACT: “The average Indian media consumer is inundated with misinformation from the time they open the day’s paper to when they lie in bed scrolling on their smartphones at night, so much so that if they don’t make the effort to seek out facts for themselves, they risk responding to a fictional reality.” - Rest of the World, 12 May 202111

BOTTOMS-UP: Try Comedy Central's Drunk History12. That's my new favorite entertainment — The right mix of history, storytelling, moving making, and comedy!

NEW-READS: Mental Models13 is my current topic of choice. And two books - The Great Mental Models14, and Super Thinking15 (Audible)16 are outstanding. If you need a different/broader starting point, start with Thinking, Fast and Slow17 by Daniel Kahneman.














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