Issue 20: Reshare Issue

I did the same on Issue 10, picking the best out of the previous nine issues. I thought I would do the same this time, too, to check how much content stays relevant.

COLOR: Looking for a simple color scheme for your daily apps — from code editor to slack to the terminal to the same color scheme? Try Nord. It’s simple, readable, and provides a unified look. (Issue 11) (I am using Nord with Slack and VSCode)

FUTURE: Neuralink made Pager, a monkey, play a video game, captured its brain activity, analyzed the data, and now the monkey plays the game with brain signals! It looks like the future is Brain2Business and interface-less! (Issue 12)

SPY: Not sure how much truth there is in this story, but J.H. Bayis, a German cinematographer who did the photography of Udaya Studio’s Vellinakshathram (1949), is said to be a German spy, trained at the studio of Joseph Goebbels. [Watch Babu Ramachandran’s narration on Goebbels, Malayalam] (Issue 13)

BOOKS: Mental Models is my current topic of choice. And two books - The Great Mental Models and Super Thinking (Audible) are outstanding. If you need a different/broader starting point, start with Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. (Issue 14)

SOCIAL MEDIA: The Rise Of The Appuccino is great content about social media users and their psychology. A must-read. (Issue 15)

ACCESSIBILITY: Here is a list of few tools that will help you find accessible colors - Contrast Finder, Colorable, Accessible Color Matrix. Also, watch this video to understand the logic. (Issue 17)

POLITICS: The US is withdrawing from Afganistan, which means only one thing for the US: they lost the war after spending billions, similar to what happened in Vietnam. Listen to Stanly Johny (in Malayalam), International Affairs Editor of The Hindu and author of The ISIS Caliphate, discuss the same. (Issue 18)

MOVIE: National Award-winning filmmaker is coming out with a fictional feature, ‘Aadhaar, ’ and UIDAI has suggested 28 cuts!Not sure if the movie will release soon, but here is the trailer. Fellow Indians, we have more censor boards now! Congrats! Btw, did you hear about the Cinematograph Bill? (Issue 19)

EXTRA: Skip watching Kuruthi and Bhuj. The first is over-dramatic, problematic, and boring, and the latter led to this fab review, a must-read piece.