Issue 10: Reshare Issue

Due to the lack of new content, I am resharing one point each from the last nine issues. Rehash and reshare, they say!

REBRAND: Like solving problems, design can bring new issues too—for example, the recent rebranding of Google products, including Gmail. While I understand the intention (and I am sure that we will get used to it), this new branding creates more problems - of being too similar and hard to differentiate, which leads to the What Google See / What I see meme. (Issue 1)

DESIGN: Matthew Ström published a new article, 'Copying is the way design works.' which starts with a quote from Charles Eames "We don't do 'art' — we solve problems." (Issue 2)

LAW: Following widespread criticisms, the Kerala government revoked the 118(A) of the Kerala Police act. (Issue 3)

ANIMATION: Animated Vector but as a JSON File - Woah! Lottie Animation from AirBnB is a fabulous tool for every product team, and there are many tutorials available. (Issue 4)

TOOLS: It's funny to use productivity tools to kill time! And 2020 was a year of trying and experimenting with different tools. Some experiments did pay off well, and some experiments help others (Notion Focus Template, Notion Zettel), though I am not using them. Here is my current tool list. (Issue 5)

FIGMA: Wants to learn shortcuts and ways to improve your workflow? Watch Figma in Five. These 5-min videos share great insights and tricks that are helpful. (Issue 6)

RESOURCES: There are many collaborative 'lists' in GitHub that work as an epic resource of many topics. My favorites would be Awesome, Ebooks, and Awesome Design System. (Issue 7)

FABRICATION: It’s shocking to read what happened with Rona Wilson. According to a digital forensic report shared by The Washington Post, all those anti-national evidence found from his laptop and pen drive are fabricated and planted! Read the detailed article (and explainer in Malayalam) (Issue 8)

FIGMA: 15-second videos on how to use Figma - from Sketch together. (Issue 9)

EXTRA: New comic, Circles from XKCD!